In adhering to the principle that the personal is political, I believe that all teaching should be transformative and have the ability to make a larger impact within society.

Over the past fifteen years, I have held faculty positions in four different psychology programmes, all of which are accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association. I taught psychology courses at the University of California, Irvine, McGill University, the University of Calgary, Athabasca University, and the University of British Columbia. This breath of experience has allowed me to develop innovative pedagogical strategies that meet the needs of a range of learners.

Accordingly, the concepts of cultural and social justice responsiveness are foundational to my pedagogical approach. This means that I strive to prioritize the following characteristics in all learning environments: a) student empowerment and social change, b) multiple ways of knowing, c) the role of oppression and privilege, d) reflexivity and self-awareness, as well as e) critical and respectful scholarly dialogue.


Latest Textbook

Diversity and Social Justice in Counseling, Psychology, and Psychotherapy

A Case Study Approach
Anusha Kassan and Roy Moodley, Editors

This book offers readers a critical perspective on the ways in which helping professions are practiced in the context of a multifaceted society.

The book supports the construction of an intersubjective, intrapsychic, and relational space in practice. Each chapter includes a case vignette that illustrates how cultural, historical, economical, and sociopolitical contexts offer a background to diversity and social justice theory and practice, as well as reflective questions to help readers think critically.

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Teaching and Learning Research

Over the past ten years, my enthusiasm for teaching and supervision has grown exponentially. As such, I have decided to go beyond the classroom and research group, and contribute to the psychological literature in the area of training and supervision. Further, I have led multiple research projects in the area of Teaching and Learning, investigating cultural and social justice responsiveness among psychology trainees and supervisors.

Through this Teaching and Learning research, I am able to collect direct student feedback, engage in professional learning activities, and reflect on my own teaching. Thus, my research ultimately allows me to strengthen my teaching practice and in turn improve student learning.

Some of these ideas are outlines in the a new guide put forth by the University of Calgary’s Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. The guide is entitled Incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in Disciplinary Contexts in Higher Education.



Province of Alberta
Exceptional qualities & outstanding service in the field of education

UNIVERSITY TEACHING AWARD (Assistant Professor) (2019)

University of Calgary
Office of the Provost and Vice-President