About Me

“I believe that human connection can be an extremely powerful means of healing and I have deep respect for people who take a chance and trust the therapeutic process.”

At the core, my passion for critical psychology has emerged out of my own personal background. Specifically, I grew up in a biracial, bilingual, bi-religious home – an experience that has shaped the way in which I view the world and the way in which I understand the role of a helper.

I approach psychology from a unique social justice lens, which is informed by the integration of my lived and scholarly experiences. Accordingly, I strive to focus on a) research with underrepresented communities, b) inclusive education practices, c) collaborative helping relationships, d) community consultation and engagement, as well as e) purposeful leadership.


Connect With Me

For educational inquiries (teaching, research, service), feel free to contact me at
[email protected] // 604-822-0546

For private services (psychological sessions, organizational consultations), feel free to contact me at [email protected] // 587-355-2546